Porvoo is a quaint Finnish municipality situated on the southern coast of the country just east of Helsinki. The town's name derives from the Porvoonjoki River that flows through the town. The town is one of only six medieval towns in Finland. It was first recognized as a city in texts dating back to the 14th Century. Today, Porvoo is the seat of the Diocese of Borgaa of the Evangelical Lutheran Church of Finland. Founded in 1326, Porvoo served as the Episcopal seat when Sweden lost the city of Viborg to Russia in 1721. At the time, the city was the second biggest town in Finland. In the Diet of Porvoo in 1809, Tsar Alexander I declared the new Finnish constitution (a virtual replica of the 1772 Swedish constitution). This was a major point in history for Finland as it was deemed an autonomous Grand Duchy. Today tourists will find an ìOld Townî appeal in the small city that features dense medieval street patterns and wooden house. The Porvoo Cathedral, made of brick and stone, sits at the center of town. Unfortunately, the cathedral was heavily damaged by vandals who set it on fire May 29, 2006. The roof of the church was destroyed, but the interior of the building still remains intact.





Porvoo Raatihuoneenkatu 9
FIN-06101 Helsinki, Finland



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